Children's Law

Children’s Law is a specialized area of law and compromised of a dedicated legal community.  The basics of family law, criminal law, and other areas of law do not transfer easily into the practice of Children’s Law. Lindsey R. Fooks has extensive experience in this specialized area of law.   Ms. Fooks has represented all parties in Abuse and Neglect matters, including parents, children, relatives, and foster parents, and has an unmatched understanding of each parties’ distinctive role, including the exceptional experience of having represented the New Mexico Children, Youth, and Families Department in the Children’s Court, providing her the rare understanding of a case from the state’s perspective. Ms. Fooks’ comprehensive knowledge in the area of Children’s Law allows her to see a case from all sides, spot unique issues, and anticipate arguments from opposing parties, putting her clients in the best possible position for success through strong and knowledgeable advocacy.


Representation in CYFD Abuse and Neglect cases

- Pre-Petition (investigation stage)

- Respondent representation

- Guardian ad Litem and Youth representation

- Respondent Guardian ad Litem representation

- Intervenor rights and establishment

- Foster Parents rights

- Extended family (non-party) rights

- Abuse of discretion in the placement of a child in CYFD custody

- Adoption

Juvenile Justice (Delinquency) defense

Kinship Guardianship

Special needs/Education